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Essie Stewart is a Gaelic storyteller with a strong grounding in Gaelic and Traveller tradition. She tells legends, Celtic stories and epics, humorous tales and anecdotes which have been handed down from her grandfather.

Born into a Sutherland travelling family, Essie is the grand daughter of one of the greatest Gaelic storytellers of them all- Allidh Dall Stewart, who died in 1968. Essie grew up hearing her grandfather's stories on a regular basis, but only recently, thanks to the encouragement of the School of Scottish Studies, has she started to tell her grandfather's stories, which include her favourites, the long Irish epics, such as Ossian.

Essie tells the stories in both English and Gaelic and hopes to share the tales with a variety of audiences, be they Lowlanders or Highlanders. She is happy telling to children of all ages as well as adults.

Essie Stewart has been a guest speaker and storyteller at the School of Scottish Studies. She has appeared at Celtic Connections, the Scottish International Storytelling Festival, and the Barbican in London.

Address: 19 Carnmiaor Road, Bonar Bridge, Sutherland IV24 3EL Email:
Telephone: 01863 766 572 Mobile: N/A
Fax: None Area: Highlands & Islands
Website: None  

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