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In this page you will find a number of resources that will help you run your Tell-a-Story Day. You'll find advice on how to plan your event, tips on where to find stories to tell, games and rymes to use with younger children. Below here you will also find three short stories taken from the book Tales on the Tongue (also available for sale here at the Scottish Storytelling Centre).

Print them out and memorise them, you can tell one or all of them on Tell-a-Story Day to get the event started and encourage others to tell their stories. Learn the gist of the tale and then tell it in your own words, so that it becomes your tale. Please do not just read it from the page, true storytelling happens when the story is told person to person, live and from memory.

The Star Apple (contributed by Bea Ferguson)

Foo the Adder is sae Lang (contributed by Sheena Blackhall, in Doric)

The Witches of Kintail (contributed by Sheila Douglas)

Resources for all ages


Jerker Fahlström

How To Learn A New Story
Judy Paterson's step-by-step guide to learning a story. It's never been so easy!


Promoting Your Event
Lots of useful advice from the Scottish Storytelling Centre team for publicising and promoting your Tell-a-Story Day event.


Puzzle Stories
A selection of puzzling story starters from Bob Pegg to get children and adults alike creating their own tales.



Storylab launch

Planning Your Storytelling Visit
Useful advice from the Scottish Storytelling Centre on booking a storyteller then preparing for and making the most out of their visit. A perfect partner to the 'Promoting Your Event' resource.


Webdy Woolfson

Tell-a-Story Day booklist
Bea Ferguson provides an invaluable list of recommended stories, rhymes and resources, categorised by age range.


Environmental Story Games
John Hamilton offer some creative ideas for exploring your local environment with children.


Resources for a specific age range


Early Years Starter Pack
(Early Years)

Some rhymes, stories and ideas to get you started with early years children and some hints and tips for using them, from Bea Ferguson.


Scots Rhymes, Riddles and Games

A favourite selection of rhymes, riddles and games for children (and big kids!) from Senga Munro


Nature Story Walk

Fun ways to use story with children to bring the natural world and its creatures to life from John Hamilton.


Children are Storytellers
(Under 5s)

Ideas and advice from Ewan McVicar for using stories with children, from developing storytelling skills and learning stories to creating their own.


10 Tips for Beginning to Tell Stories to Children
(Upper primary & lower secondary)

Ewan McVicar shares ten handy hints for beginner storytellers. A perfect accompaniment to his 'Children are Storytellers' resource.


Storymaking with Puppets
(Primary, esp. special needs)

Ewan McVicar provides a step-by-step guide to group storymaking using puppets, props and objects. Particularly useful for use with mixed ability groups or children with special educational needs.


Children As Storytellers
(Early years)

Ruth Kirkpatrick and Claire McNicol take you through their Gingerbread Man workshop, complete with a full programme, story and rhymes.


Storytelling with Young People

A wonderfully comprehensive resource by Michael Williams, aimed at anyone who is already using storytelling with young people, or is keen to start incporporating storytelling into their practice.


Storytelling with Children with Special Needs

Ailie Finlay's brief starter guide to finding, choosing and telling stories with groups of children or young people who have special needs.



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